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September Meeting Notes

September 12th, 2018|Comments Off on September Meeting Notes

In case you couldn’t make it to our September meeting, here’s a quick recap of the important news:

  1. Phyllis Maslin announced that the club had committed to hosting the 2020 NSA National Convention. Phyllis and Greg Perez have been laying some groundwork and, while nothing is settled yet, it appears the convention will be held in Tacoma which is more affordable, has good facilities for conventions, and has plenty of local interest right downtown. The dates are also not firmed up, but will probably be in July or August, 2020. During this year, our club will be expected to put together a stereo presentation of photo highlights of the area to show at the 2019 NSA convention to advertise. Also, start thinking about some local destinations that would be good for tours.
  2. Brian  Hogan is once again collecting dues for the this season. Please bring cash or check for $30 to the next meeting, or reach out to Brian directly to make arrangements.
  3. Our first meeting in our new Kirkland location was pretty good. The room is just big enough, the chairs are comfy, and with our new blackout shades, it’s plenty dark. The kitchen is also great. However, it’s a little hard to find the room, so if you haven’t been yet, I recommend parking on State Street. Look for the playground equipment. We’re in the ground floor room right next to the playground. Most of our regular team came, but despite a strong interest on, we didn’t have any Meetup folks show up. Maybe next time.
  4. Special congrats to Stewart Turley who swept 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in our September photo contest. Great images!
  5. We spent some time at the end of the meeting looking at Adobe Lightroom and how it can be helpful working with stereo images. Next time, in October, Stewart has volunteered to give us a demo of On1 software which is his preferred tool. 
  6. Next month, our photo contest theme will be Abstract. Also in October is the first of our three annual ISCC contests. Bring your best stuff! We’ll be picking six images to submit for judging in the national contest. Please note that this year (finally) ISCC image size has changed to the more standard 1920x1080x2. I haven’t updated the details on the website yet, but I will before our next meeting.

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Kids on Beach - Summer Photo Contest

PSSCC Photo Contest

Every month we host a friendly 3D photo competition based around a theme. Bring your photos on a Flash drive and share!

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Food Sign Up

Club members can now sign up online to bring food to our monthly potluck. Check it out… and bring your favorite!

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