Photographic Society of America – International Stereo Club Competition

Three times a year PSSCC judges entries from our members to submit to the PSA-ISCC. We select six photos at our meetings in October, January and April to submit to the PSA for their contests in November, February, and May. All the detailed rules and specs can be found on the PSA website, but a quick summary is below.

Specifications for Creating Files for the PSA-ISCC:2018-2019 Season

Each stereo Image for the PSA-ISCC should be a single image file consisting of the stereo pair with the left image on the left side and the right image on the right side. Image width (horizontal) of each individual image should be exactly 1920 pixels and the height (vertical) should be 1080 pixels, resulting in a combined image file width (horizontal) of 3840 pixels and an image height (vertical) of 1080 pixels. Where the image is not to an exact 16:9 format, image centered black banding is to be used to convert the image to the required 2x1920x1080 format.

The name of the file is not important. It will be named as needed for the competition. Just be sure that the information for the image is verified in the email that is received after the images are uploaded.

Examples of an exact 2x1920x1080 (16:9) format image and images of other formats black banded to the required 2x1920x1080 format are shown below.



The commands in Stereo Photo Maker to edit the image to a centered black-banded mode are: EDIT > RESIZE > {set X = 1920, Y = 1080 and Check the “Keep Aspect ratio With Border” Box} > Click “OK” > then save as a stereo pair.

Note: Black banding images that are not in a 16:9 aspect ratio will result in the image not filling the screen when projected to the same extent as images cropped to exactly 2x1920x1080.

Note: These instructions can be downloaded in the official ISCC submission requirements document below.

If you’re interested in the rules around the competition, you can view this document.