Learning Resources

Equipment and Repair

  • Dr. T 3D – Repair and reconditioning of stereo viewers, projectors, and Stereo Realist cameras, plus manuals on how to use and maintain stereo equipment.
  • 3D Concepts – US distributor of RBT stereo cameras and projectors, and other high-end new 3D photo equipment.
  • 3DStereo.com Inc. – “The Finest Selection of Stereo Products and View-Master for the Stereo Photographer and Collector”
  • Steve Berezin 3D Enterprises – many 3D items for sale.

woman-and-stereoviewerOnline Collections

The United States Library of Congress has a large collection of antique stereo photos available online. Many of these are available in high-resolution scans. See their collection of stereographs.